What is ThruPlay in Facebook Video Ads Explained in Hindi

In this video, you will learn about what is Thruplay in Facebook Ads and how you can use this metric to improve your facebook ads performance. The two top 3 questions which I’ll cover in this video are the meaning of thruplay in facebook ads, thruplay rate and what is cost per thruplay in hindi.

Thruplay is an important video metric that is used to measure the watch time of your facebook videos in ads.

This metric is mainly used in Facebook video views campaigns.

When someone watches your 15 seconds video till the end then this will be a thruplay and if your videos are longer than 15 seconds then if users watch your 97% video, this will also be included in thruplay.

In simple words, thruplay metric shows that how many times your videos is completed till the end. You can check thruplay in facebook ads manager dashboard.

You can customize columns and add Thruplay & cost per thruplay metric in your measurement columns. You can also create a custom audience of thruplays and also a lookalike audience of thruplays.

Watch the complete video to learn in detail about ThruPlay in Facebook Video Ads.

Facebook ads me thruplay kya hota hai. Jb bhi aapne video views objective ki ad run ki hogi to aapke samne thruplay word jrur aaya hoga. To aaj ki is video me hum thruplay ke bare me hi discuss krenge.

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