How to Use Justdial Data in Facebook Ads [Video]

In this blog post and video tutorial, you will learn How to use Justdial data in Facebook ads.

So finally you purchased any type of data extractor software like Justdial, Google, Facebook or IndiaMart data extractor and you have scraped a lot of data from different industries which can be your future customers.

Now you don’t know how to use this bulk data.

Don’t worry about that. I will help you to use this custom data.

There are three common ways to utilize this type of data:

  1. SMS marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Facebook ads targeting

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote your company, service, or products online. Facebook allows you to upload a custom audience list and create a facebook audience/lookalike audience by using the customer list.

In simple words, you can use the data and target those people in Facebook ads or you can target people who are similar to your custom list audience. Generally, this type of data is stored in excel format files.

But before you upload that list on facebook, you have to use the Facebook custom audience list format which I have explained in this video.

Watch the video to learn everything step by step. This video tutorial is available in Hindi Language.

How to Use Justdial Data in Facebook Ads [Video] @myblogmantra

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